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Establishing Service

To sign up for business or residential telephone service, Internet or i wireless PCS, please call 563-689-3811 or complete and submit one of the following applications for service.

If your location has previously had service from PTC, installation in most cases can be completed in one business day. Locations where the service wire must be buried will take longer.

New Telephone Customer Application

exede and service territory Internet installations must be scheduled and this time varies based on complexity and customer availability.

New Internet Customer Application
 New exede Customer Application

Understanding Your First Bill

  1. The front page of your monthly bill will be red and white with blocks showing such things as Billing Date, Delinquent After, Payments, Charges, and so on. The bill is mailed before the first of every month.
  2. The front page also has an important notice about avoiding late payment charges and access to services if payment is not made. To avoid late payment charges the bill must be paid on or before the 20th of the month. After that, a late payment charge is calculated on local service items and intrastate toll. 
    1. If your bill due is more than $25.00 a second final notice will be mailed indicating the date upon which service will be terminated. Payment must be received, and in the office, before 5 P.M. on the date stated on the final notice or service will be discontinued.  A reconnect fee of $10.00 will apply to have service restored.
    2. If your regulated local service charges are $25.00 or greater, your service will be discontinued on the date specified on the final notice.  If your unregulated services, such as DSL, and so on, are not paid, but your regulated services are paid, then only the unregulated services will be disconnected.
  3. The Customer Detail section of the front page gives a general summary of current charges, with detail on the following pages.
  4. The bottom portion of the front page is detachable for return with your payment.  If you pay by automatic bank draft or by credit card, then you need do nothing with this section.
  5. The SECOND PAGE gives detail of items stated on the front page.  First is the MONTHLY SERVICES section which gives a item by item breakdown of your monthly local service charges, both regulated and unregulated, plus the federal subscriber line charge, E911 charges, and other applicable federal and state taxes.
  6. Next is the OTHER CHARGES AND CREDITS section, which will itemize other charges, including late payment charges from the previous month and additional federal charges and federal, state and local taxes that may apply.
  7. Next, on the second page, is the CARRIER(S)/PROVIDER(S) section. If there are any long distance charges itemized on the following pages, this section will state the names of your long distance carriers.
  8. The third and subsequent pages, if applicable, will itemize your long distance call history, and other fees charged by your long distance carriers. It will also list any notices by your long distance carriers.
  9. YOUR FIRST BILL may include additional information and charges. Local Service, both regulated and unregulated, is billed in advance on the first of the month. If you began, or changed, service during the preceding month, the partial month charges for those services will be summarized on the front page, and itemized on the second page. If you paid for the services at the time they were established, they will still be itemized, but the payment will also be itemized, and your net amount due may just be for the current month. If you did not pay at that time, then the billing may appear large since both charges from last month, plus the charges for the current month, will be billed. Please call the business office if you have any questions.

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